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Why should every school have a good Student Information System?

Why should every school have a good Student Information System?

The Student information system, otherwise known as SIS is a school management software or a management information system (MIS) developed for educational institutions to manage student data and all other school operations. Is your institution still storing student information manually? Or held up somewhere in handling the system that troubles you most of the time. If the answer is ‘yes’ then this blog will provide a perfect solution for that.  

The student information system automates the entire process of the student within the institution, starting from admissions to issuing transfer certificates once the student completes the studies and leaves the school.  

This SIS helps in the teaching process for teachers and the learning process for students. 

When you implement a student information system, it becomes the heart of the school in organizing the school data digitally and making things easy to manage. Hence make use of AINRAEd, the best campus management software in Hyderabad to handle all your school activities on the go.  

A good SIS digitizes student document management, exam reports, student attendance management, grading system, ranking, homework, achievements, behavior, and other promotions related to higher education.  

How do schools grasp technology? 

A huge part of the schools grasp technology using the student information system, which is not easy work in shaping the minds of today’s children and a lot of work needs to be put into achieving success.  

Schools maintain huge registers and records to track students whether they are attending school properly or not. A huge amount of data needs to be maintained and updated regularly on paper. With the help of this system, it is possible for a school to perform its daily activities without any problem.  

There are many reasons why an increasing number of schools are using this system regularly on a daily basis. 

 Modules of student information system: 

  1. Student profile management 
  • Upload and update students photo 
  • Document uploading 
  • Certificates verification 
  • Achievements recording 
  • Student ID card generation 
  • Transportation information 
  • Roll number/register number generation 
  • Promotion details 
  • Class change option 
  1. Admission module 
  • Online registration 
  • Direct registration 
  • Selection process 
  1. Course & batches 
  1. Exam schedule and results  
  1. Assignments & homework 
  1. Online fee payments 
  1. Staff data management 
  1. Alumni data and records 

Apart from this, there are also modules for effective communication, that includes SMS, alerts, and notifications for parents and students.

Benefits of student information system: 

A better way to store data 

In the case of schools having plenty of data to deal with, there is a need for huge information to be stored and maintained correctly.  

Earlier, this was done by the paper that never had an end, and there was a burden in maintaining heaps of papers and ledger files.  

But now people are relieved using the system, unlike paper, they do not get scattered everywhere and it has reduced missing data.  

A good way to communicate 

The system provides a good way of communication between parents and teachers, they can easily communicate, share information and 

send notifications to parents and students.  

Hassle-free enrollment 

The most shattering part of any educational institution is the enrollment process and this doesn’t stop with engaging students, it extends with expectations to guide them throughout the enrollment process. 

Good work quality 

The system provides great convenience when compared with the traditional methods. It can gather information in the correct way and manage huge documents much easier. Maximum errors can be avoided using the system.  

All-inclusive student portal 

The student information system is a single source of information for students to track the schedules, attendance, invoices, courses, and fee payment dues. This can keep track of all day-to-day activities and check topics for group discussions, grades, and schedules.  

Online grade book generation 

The online grade book generation system helps teachers to grade students and allows students to take a printout of the grade book, this reduces the need for teachers to fill it out manually and hand them over to the students.  

This process consumes time rather than tedious work that needs to be done. 

Small institutions also benefit from the student information system, as the system comes with loaded features. Bigger schools already make use of the system to maintain records and statistics, whereas smaller schools need to be the biggest users of the system. It would be comfortable for them when working with scaled- down versions of these systems and this thereby saves time.  

It is best to have a school information management system out there that is there to suit the needs of a school. 

The system is one feature that makes the whole life better for teachers and parents and there is a huge benefit in taking online attendance.  

The overall system helps schools perform tasks in a more efficient way and keep track of things like absences that are not excused as per the rules of the school. AINRAEd helps you manage your entire school, it is one of the best school management software in Hyderabad. 

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