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Student fee collection management is an inevitable module of any school administration. AINRAED, helps you upgrade the education system by providing a systematic approach that simplifies every task of your school administration.

The traditional fee collection system has numerous tasks associated with it, such as collecting fees, writing receipts manually for each student, keeping records in ledgers, etc. All these are time-consuming and can be made easy with the help of a school management system. 

Our fee module is designed in such a way that it makes the hectic task much more easier and precise. It is one of the most important features of any school ERP.

For a more convenient way, you can use our AINRAED mobile application that provides features like  instant alerts, customizable pages, login management, leave management, timetable management, and announcements. 

Also, it automates the fee receipts entries in the school accounts, which eliminates the need for repeated data entries and provides the facility to generate due fees details and reports easily at any time. 

We at AINRATech, provide you with the best campus management software in Hyderabad.

Fee Management System

Fee management system

The main objective of a Student fee collection management is to compute the fees of a student studying in the institution, this includes maintenance of records as there are numerous records that every school management needs to handle. To maintain all those records, a system is needed that is easy to understand and operate. The fee collection program can be customized according to the school’s needs, rules & regulations. It has a more configurable structure for fines and its calculations. 

Student and parent management

Some other modules of our AINRAED software are given below:

Student and parent management

Our student and parent management module consists of sub-modules like Student fee collection management, extra-curricular activities, library management, transport management, communication management, attendance management, and hostel management. These modules help students and parents to communicate with the school in an effective way. 

Admin management

AINRAED’s admin management reduces your workload, increases productivity, reduction in communication cost, saves natural resources, 

improves student-teacher collaboration, and increases the enrollment of your school. 

Academic management

The academic management system helps enhance the vision of your school and in building an efficient process to get the best results. This management system helps in maintaining the assignments, notes and certificate, course, syllabus, attendance, and timetable. 


AINRAED provides you multiple interface views, where you can switch between an iconic view and dashlet view depending on your choice. 

Our software is eco-friendly which makes your institution eco-friendly as all data is stored in the cloud. It is a multi school solution to manage a huge group of schools and other educational institutions. With AINRAED, you need to have to install anything externally on your computer. It provides a good storage and business friendly environment.

Student and parent management

Online fee payment 

You can pay the school fees via online mode, by directly opening the web portal, or using the mobile app. This is a convenient way for parents to pay the fees, which is a great thing that the lockdown has provided schools. 

The traditional way of direct fee payment at the counter

The traditional method of fee collection is standing in queues and paying fees. This is very hectic work for parents traveling from home to school. All modes of payment like cash, cheque, DD, net banking are accepted at the school fee counter. After the payment of fees, parents are provided with a receipt and also SMS on their phones.

Pay at Counter

Challan/fee book payments in banks

All parents have to carry the challan book to their bank for the installment and pay the fees that are mentioned in the book. Parents no longer have to fill any forms at each time of payment. 

The fee book with the copy of the challan is kept with the parents. The receipt copy of the school challan is signed and sealed by the bank and given at the school.

Fee Reports

Fee reports

The fee report module helps schools to take various reports regarding student details, fees amount paid, due amount, concession amount, and also the due date of due payment. It helps to export reports in .pdf, .xlsx, and .doc formats. 

The above-mentioned method is applicable for all types of fees, that includes transport fees, book fees, food fees and many more. The fee collection system helps parents to pay fees in a convenient way. 

The AINRAED software fee collection module makes it easy to manage the fee process of your institution. The module is created specifically to Speedup & atomize the work of fee collection and receipt generation. The main aim is to minimize the human error which occurs mainly at the fee counter.

If your school does not have one fee management system, it’s time to get one now!! Contact us immediately for a free demo, we provide you with the best school management software in Hyderabad

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