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Student Admission Software - A Smart Step Towards Smart Admissions

Student Admission Software - A Smart Step Towards Smart Admissions

Each school has its unique admission principles through which the entire school admission process is carried out. The student admission software is a crucial software part of any successful school. This is because the software helps the students register for admissions online, upload documents, digital signatures, and images, assign courses, and track application statuses.  

Managing admissions is a huge task for schools and colleges. Before, the student admission system required talented manpower to complete the admission process, which included providing and collecting forms, collecting queries from parents, and entering data manually. This process is slow and time-consuming.  

 But now it’s time to leave behind such processes and smartly automate every admission process leading to an error-free and hassle-free process. It provides a sophisticated way to perform the admission procedure.

Why is online admission most preferred? 

Every year numerous students and parents stand in queues for collecting and submitting the admission forms, which leads to problems in handling queries, managing applications, distributing forms, collecting forms, and short-listing the candidates. This can result in parents getting annoyed at times.  

The main purpose of online admission is to provide support to the administration and admission-seeking candidates by providing a faster and transparent way of maintaining records and utilizing them for further reference. 

Manage admissions smoothly and efficiently with the best campus management software in Hyderabad.  

How does online admission software work? 

After entering the given URL, a screen opens with ‘instructions to applicants’ Read the instructions carefully and download the application form by clicking the ‘download’ option. You will be provided with various courses and programs that are offered by the school/institute.  

The initial process in admission – Here, students collect all the information required and check all the documents and proceed for the further steps. Enter the details and confirm the details once before submitting.  

Intermediate process – Here, applicants can log in with their credentials and enter personal details like the bank, address, and other educational details. Uploading of photos and signatures is also done in this step.  

Online report portal – The school administrators can generate online admission reports such as – Online Portal Application Status, Online Portal Applied Student List. 

 How do schools succeed through online admissions? 

With each year, there is an increasing number of students and the admission process in schools is becoming more hectic and painful.  

It would be important for schools to invest in a system that automates and streamline the student admission process and succeed through it.  

Schools do not need additional manpower to manage the crowd, therefore you can save manpower. No more storing forms and printing them, flexible, real-time reports and analysis through graphs.  

Advantages of student admission software: 

There are quite many advantages of the online admission module, no longer need to wait in long queues to get admission forms, parents can easily admit their students to schools and colleges.  

Less paperwork – Schools no longer require papers and collecting and distributing forms. It saves not only cost but also manpower.  

 No long queues – Candidates do not need to wait in long queues to get forms and submit them. Schools do not need additional security to 

manage the huge crowd.  

Reliable – The process is reliable due to limited human participation.  

User-friendly – The process is very simple and user-friendly. Instead of a pen, the difference is using a keyboard.  

The whole process is dynamic and any changes can be reflected and reach the candidates immediately.  

Customized reports – Daily reports and summaries can be generated, all types of reports can be generated in a quick time with few changes in the design.  

Works 24/7 – We know it is an online admission form, hence, it allows students to fill application forms at their convenience. School admission process time is reduced, because of no time limits.  

Candidates do not need to wait for long hours to submit the admission forms after filling them. Only a smartphone with a good internet connection is all that is needed. This requires less time, less work with few workers. This helped the organization employees to reduce the pressure of things to be done quickly. This ensures data security, as the admission process is online, the use of papers has become less and this also helps schools to record data effectively.  

Features of good admission software:

Inquiries – Enquiry from parents is the first step towards any admission process.  A dynamic inquiry form is a must-have in admission management software. Most of the parents now do their first research on schools through the web and social media, a good admission management software that would bring leads from such sources would be beneficial to schools. 

Admission notification – An update on the notification status, makes it easy for students to prepare for the next stage of the admission process. A powerful communication channel via SMS, email, or WhatsApp is a must in admission software. 

Pre-admission exam – Every school has its minimum education standard and in the admission process, students are judged on their skills and knowledge through tests and interviews.  


Admission application and registration forms  – Online registration forms and admission application forms are similar to paper-based application forms, but they can be accessed digitally and conveniently filled from anywhere. 

How do institutions succeed through online admissions? 

The admission process has become a tedious and hectic procedure. As the number of students increases each year, schools need to invest in a proper system to automate and streamline the admission process. By investing,  

  • Real-time reports and graphs can be generated.  
  • No more paper forms need to be collected 
  • No more printing of manual forms 
  • No need for additional manpower to manage huge crowds.  

Here, in this blog, we have mentioned a few benefits of school admission software for a successful outcome during the admission season. AINRATech provides you with the best school management software in Hyderabad-AINRAEd to manage your school smoothly and efficiently.  

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