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Start your online teaching platform through “AINRAEd”

Start your online teaching platform through “AINRAEd”

 Want to teach online? It’s a great idea! 

But how to start teaching online? There are a number of online teaching platforms that are increasing fastly and this process will continue and more students rely on online learning. Due to this pandemic, the government has imposed strict lockdowns and due to this many schools stay closed for safety purposes. Many education services that are teaching offline figure out ways on how to start online teaching.  

In this time of the pandemic, we need to fight to prevent the spread of disease which has affected thousands of people all over the world.  

Teaching online is a great way to earn more money and make a difference in the lives of people all over India. But when you are thinking about how much you can earn? And are online platforms good? You will see about it deeply in this article. Now let us dive in!! 

What is online teaching? 

It is the process of teaching people through the internet, methods like video calls, group calls, and webinars are used for this purpose.  

Otherwise, it can be defined as teaching the course through a computer system.  

You can start your teaching from home(home, outdoors, or co-working spaces). You can enroll students from various backgrounds and areas. Any subject, but most popularly it is math, sciences, and languages that are taught.  

Some benefits of online teaching are no travel expenses, flexible hours of working, reaching a wide audience, numerous tools, and resources. Since there are so many benefits of teaching online, start your online teaching with AINRAEd – the best campus management software in Hyderabad 

 Rise of online teaching platforms  

The pandemic forced students and teachers to stay indoors and use online modes of teaching, abiding by the protocols and restrictions of the government.  

Teachers can add new content to lessons any time in future and students can learn at their own pace. In many cases, students learn faster online compared to the traditional offline ways.  

Many schools and colleges started investing in online teaching platforms with traditional teaching for the long term.  

There is major growth in the online learning industry and this growth is because of technologies like Artificial intelligence(AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Learning management systems(LMS).  

How does this online teaching work? 

To start with online teaching, you need comfortable space, computers, and proper internet connection. Because interactions with students take place via emails, messages, and also video calls. Teachers need digital resources like pdf’s and presentations to share it with the 


Anyone with a proper internet can attend school/college lectures online through video-calls and train themselves through an online course. The great advantage is that as offline, online too students can participate in activities, discussions in small groups. 

Anyone can build an online teaching website. To do that just think about the functions,features, and requirements your website needs. 

Know your goal – Make sure of your goals that you need to achieve at the end. An experienced website development company will help achieve your goals successfully.  

Make a budget – Always choose a company that offers a fair price.  

Hire a team – Hire a team of experienced people and find a well-organized team.

Choose an experienced firm – Experienced companies help in achieving your goals and do what you want immediately. They complete your website in a short time with high quality. So, choose a good partner for your business success. 

Some best features of online teaching platforms: 

Reliable and secure – It is very important that your online teaching platform is secure with no technical issues and disruptions.  

Features of security include permission management, data encryption, and SSO (Single-sign-on) are important for a trustworthy online platform.  

Collaboration support – Students grasp subjects better when they work on practical related works, features include whiteboards, note-taking, 

and breakout rooms.

Compatibility – With the popularity of smartphones, an online teaching platform must be mobile-friendly and compatible with any device. 

Communication – Teaching platforms must support different modes of communication like Q&A, one-to-one chat, and room chat.  

Other options like join and mute control must be present to avoid chaos.

And finally, you can make a huge difference in your teaching goals by choosing the best ERP software for educational institutes. Our AINRAEd software has many categories that can be explored.  

AINRAEd is the best school management software in Hyderabad, it can simplify your tasks and provide you with an interactive form of teaching. You can check out our software features and give it a try!! 

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