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Some Important features of virtual classroom

Some Important features of virtual classroom

Today, we have come a long way from the traditional mortar and brick classroom, but there are quite some values that should fuse into online learning experiences. Here in this blog, we have provided some beneficial features of virtual classrooms that help students to learn better.  

Many schools and educational institutions across the world started adapting to virtual online classes, this is the biggest consideration for educational institutions when selecting a virtual classroom solution.  

Virtual classrooms are a perfect solution for leveraging the power of interaction to make learning more better and easier. Researchers have revealed that students’ interest increases in lessons when they discuss among peer groups.  

As some students are not comfortable with asking questions in live sessions, teachers have made themselves ready to answer questions outside live sessions. Learners are given an option for submitting questions outside the live session, through chats, a small Facebook group, or an e-mail.  

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Starting from screen sharing to note-taking, and live real-time interaction, there is nothing that virtual classrooms do not offer, so let us not delay more and get into its features that are alarming.  


Compatible with all devices 

Students and teachers are doing their work from home with a wide range of devices, in that few students and teachers will be able to use smartphones and tablets, and others will use the older computers and laptops. But, a virtual classroom solution is compatible with all devices and platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.  

Group chats 

The great advantage in learning is that students and teachers can interact with others. Live webinars and programs are popular as a drawback of virtual classrooms. Hence you need to limit your interactivity, as there are many tools that are used for social interactions. In this pandemic time, students can freely interact no matter where they are located and from which cultural background they belong.  

Live lectures with recording feature 

The most important requirement of any virtual classroom is the ability for teachers to teach lessons in real-time with two-way interaction. The lessons are made downloadable for students to download and understand later.  

Grid view 

The grid view feature of a virtual classroom helps students and teachers to view each other in a single centralized screen. This feature helps teachers to view all students in a single glance and weigh their responses to the questions and teachings, with no external disturbances.  

Interactive learning features 

This great feature of virtual classrooms allows you to interact with teachers, mentors, guests, it also grants you to ask questions, post personal opinions, and dialogues.   


The most crucial feature of a virtual classroom is security, ensuring that no outsiders can join the session, therefore it is a must that every user is authenticated before joining the virtual classroom. Authentication can be done through passwords and secure meeting links. Students and teachers have access to contents such as assignments, class subjects, and exams.  

Any personal information that needs to be conveyed to the teacher needs to be encrypted.  

Meeting host controls

In a traditional classroom or virtual classroom, it is important that the teachers manage the class more effectively. In a classroom the most essential feature is restricting access to a particular functionality when needed, this can avoid students taking over one another. Some of the functions are hand-raising, muting participants, and turning functions on and off.  

Cloud storage and backup 

Cloud solutions are excellent solutions for teachers who want to store class data and access it from any location, and distribute study materials for students. They can access class data, assessments, assignments from any any location.  

Apart from the above features there are notifications on upcoming lectures popping up for students to know about their next lecture, interesting titbits are even updated. Apart from chat there are Q&A forums that help students to discuss, gather responses and get new ideas. 

Hope the article would have provided essential information about the top features of virtual classrooms and it would be beneficial to you at some point of time. Virtual classrooms have become a boon now, allowing teachers, students, and other school faculty to interact online in a more similar way to that of a traditional classroom. They can continue the learning journey without interruption, hence the virtual classroom is a perfect solution for students’ learning needs.  

If you have any other personal experiences of virtual classrooms, be free to share them with us in our comment section below. Contact AINRAEd, the best school management software in Hyderabad – for more needs about virtual classrooms. 

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