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Saving time and Resources using Online Admission Software

Saving time and Resources using Online Admission Software

The online admission software helps for a smooth and accurate admission process, it is designed in such a way that it is simple and easy to organize the admission process in various schools.  

Each year a school goes through a new set of challenges during the admission process and hence it is important for every school to have an online admission software that handles all data and work. The manual admission process takes much time and is extensive.  

Some of the challenges during school admissions are shortage of staff, data precision, pressure to meet certain targets and deadlines. 

The online admission software and online payment modules help the institution to keep data, like the number of students promoted each year, calculation of success rates, fees payment status, and all other details of students at their fingertips. 

AINRAEd is the best campus management software in Hyderabad. The software provides a hassle-free experience and at the same time, it helps schools and colleges by digitizing the admission procedure and eliminating manual work for student admission data management.  

When comparing the manual system with the online one, the manual system takes time and needs huge manpower, whereas the online system ensures accurate and fast computerized information. Maintaining backup is easy using an online system.  

The ultimate goal of online admission software is to automate the entire admission process of the institution and to support the administration and admission-seeking candidates by providing an easy and faster way of maintaining records for the future.  

 The online admission model has three-tier access models: 

  • Administrator 
  • User/applicant
  • System 

In the administrator model admissions are opened, seats and criteria are set up, tests are verified, merit list generated, consecutive merit list, and close admission.  

In the user/applicant model the registrations are done, applications for admission are issued, online payments, and status checking on the merit list.  

In the System model, the SMS confirmations, payment processing, mark comparison, and reports are generated. 

 Handle queries and distribute forms 

A maximum amount of the institution’s time is wasted to collect, submit forms, and view merit lists. The wastage of the institution’s resources needs to be imparted to the students or guardians individually.  

Print and collect forms 

The institution invests an amount in printing admission forms and in absence of the system, the institution may overspend money and sometimes excessive application forms may be printed. After printing of application forms, if any changes need to be made, it is difficult and includes a separate cost.  

When forms are collected, there are chances for misplacement because of the huge number of applications, this wastes the institution’s time in form collection and searching for missing forms.  

Shortlist candidates 

It is a tedious process to shortlist candidates based on each candidate’s marks, etc. Manually checking each result, delays time and resources.  

If there is more than one merit list it leads to duplication of work and the guardian has to check the merit list again and again.  

Advantages of online management software 

Convenience of applicants 

The great advantage is that the candidates can choose to submit their application at their convenient time. The problem with messy handwriting and delay in courier delivery can be avoided with the online admission system. 

Automated online software system  

Minimizes the processing time. Due to no time barrier, institutions’ admission process time is reduced and institutions publish the merit list in a more professional way when compared to the manual ones.  

Reduces paperwork 

Institutions no longer require printing and storing of admission forms, queues and lines for the admission process can be avoided. This saves not only the cost but also manpower.  

 Reduce human involvement 

 Institutions no longer require a person to address candidates, to distribute and collect forms. Institutions need not handle burdens to collect and print forms.  


 In an online system, human errors can be avoided and the process is very accurate and reliable due to very little human involvement. 

 Customizable reports 

 Institutions can maintain a summary of progress of the admission. Various types of reports can be generated in quick time with few changes made in the design. 

In the traditional manual admission process, some schools receive hundreds of applications each year during admission time. Manually handling all this data is not that easy, because there may be chances of error, which will affect the data accuracy and efficiency. 

 During the admission process, the schools have to manage various phone calls when the parents want to know about the admission status and the school.  

 So, with the help of the best school management software in Hyderabad like AINRAEd, can help you handle this by sending timely updates about the admission process. 

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