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Need of online payment system for schools

Need of online payment system for schools

The method of managing fee accounts and collecting fees for any educational institution needs a lot of time and effort. Earlier all educational institution records were managed with paperwork which was very hectic. Now, the development of the modern era has introduced the online payment system for schools which automates fee payments and digitizes fees receipts.

This way of payment system is easy for parents to pay the fee with just a tap of a button from the mobile application. 

Cash may have been the king for many centuries, but its regime is now ended.

Let us now dive into some reasons why schools need to go cashless:

online fee payment system
Most educational institutions have grasped digital technology to modernize their school and improve their teaching and learning experience. Some reasons for schools to go cashless in fee collection are:

Healthier and safer for everyone:

As this environment is heavily polluted, parents on their way to schools are not safe to come and use a card or cash payment to pay the fees. Online portal helps prevent the spread of germs and other viruses.


In a traditional fee collection system, parents have to make their way to the school, stand in the line, and pay the fees. In an online payment system, they can complete the transaction and other procedures in just a few minutes.

Notifications and alerts through SMS or emails:

When a parent misses or forgets to pay the fees in the due time, the online payment system sends alert messages to say that the fee is not paid with the deadline mentioned.

Accessed anywhere at any time:

This advantage is convenient for parents to make the payment system. No more narrow windows and restricted to the timings such as(9 am to 12 pm). Mobile-friendly school fee app management systems are more easily accessible to parents.

Handles all fee calculations:

Schools handle different fees for specific purposes like Scholarships, admission fees, hostel fees, special discounts, lab fees, library fees, exam fees, and any other related fees.

Smart reports:

Earlier, the school management team and administrators had to wait for the accountant to pacify the reports, now it can be generated just by a click. Some reports that can be generated are:
  • Tax collection reports
  • Reports of individual students
  • Payment mode reports
  • Custom reports
  • Financial transactions

Now let us see the different modes of online payment systems:

Cashless Transactions
  • Net banking: Many banks support a school management system, so parents find it easy to make their payments online.
  • Payment gateways: For a hassle-free integration, use payment system gateways like Paytm, Instamojo, and Razorpay.
  • Credit/Debit cards: Popular and preferred modes of payment are using credit or debit cards. Parents need to log in and do the procedures by filling in the essential details about the bank and card.
  • Online Payment System for schools to lower the time, expense, and effort required when collecting and following cash payments from students and parents via mail and telephone.
  • Earlier we see many parents traveling miles and spending 100s of rupees for travel to pay the school fees, this can be totally eliminated with the help of the online payment system For Schools. In today’s growing world it is an important part of every human life to go cashless in school fee collection. Through this, the school will create a digital brand identity for itself.

This blog has provided you with useful information for schools on going cashless in fee collection. These valid points mentioned in this blog will surely help you in starting your school management system. Are you finding it hard to manage the fee structure of your school and in need of the best school management software?

Here we are, AINRAED provides you with the software designed for the benefit of students, teachers, parents, and the management.

Our software provides a systematic approach to simplify every task of your school administration.

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