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Importance of Live School Bus Tracking
System is Important for Schools :

Importance of Live School Bus Tracking System is Important for Schools :

There is no need for fear for the school and parents when schools prepare for a tour. They can track the vehicle at each location with the driver’s actions.

There are many hardware and software tools to manage the transportation of schools, but it is in your hands to select the right one for your institution.

Transport Module fills the gap between school and parents. It alerts them when the bus leaves the school till when it drops the child safely in school. It also alerts the school if the student misses the bus.

How does the School Bus Tracking system work?

Integrating the school bus with GPS provides a real-time location to school and parents and offers them peace of mind about the child. Implementing this system brings automation and control of your school bus operation from one platform.

The system works by receiving communications from the API of the GPS or a mobile device. This device updates the live location of the bus to the software in the server. Based on the configuration of the mobile app, it shows live data of bus movement.

Let us have a look into the benefits of the live School Bus Tracking system:
A fully set up school transport management system can benefit the educational organization in the following ways:

Get live location of the vehicles:

Because of the huge population, there is heavy traffic in all cities. Hence it is normal for a bus to get delayed when picking and dropping students. This system helps the management and parents get instant notification of the child about bus delays and track the vehicle route.

Ensure child safety:

Every parent is concerned about child safety putting the trust in the hands of school authorities. When parents can track the school bus, it saves time and helps schools take action on any big issues. This system gives a great sense of authority to the parents.

Responsibilities of Drivers:

It is the responsibility of the driver to pick up and drop the child safely. He should drive the bus keeping in mind the speed alerts, fuel of the vehicle and vehicle condition, etc. The driver activities will be monitored by the management with all information updating directly in mobile apps.

Alerts for parents and school management:

  • Parents get alerts about the bus delay and location. It reduces both parents’ and school waiting time. 
  • It ensures parents that the child does not go out of notice. If a student gets down at the wrong stop, alerts are sent to the school and parents.
  • Route Analysis – A lot of time is spent on traveling from home to school and vice versa. Hence a GPS is used to know about the shortest and fastest routes to reach the destination. It saves travel time and tiredness for the students, and they are more active in school.

Overspeed alerts:

If the school vehicle is over-speed or rash-driven, the school management gets alerts and contacts the driver immediately to prevent the driver and the management from indulging in any foul activities.

Environment concern:

On our part, we must be environment friendly and reduce vehicle engine usage, less noise, and smoke pollution, and better fuel efficiency.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right School Bus Tracking.

  • First, start your research by calling other schools and collecting information about their software.
  • Then start your budget for the solution you have decided finally.
  • Take a demo, so you can check the compatibility of the software, and the system is easy to install in vehicles. 
  • Have a check for the compliance set concerning the authority. These are a set of rules or standards put up by the government to follow when installing the software. 

Are you in search of the best School Bus Tracking software for your school?  Contact us.

Our AINRAED – smart school management system has the transport management module providing benefits to parents and students. The system is fully integrated. With government regulations in place, every school must have a smart School Bus Tracking system to ensure the safety and security of students.

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