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How student information management system help Teachers and Students?

How student information management system help Teachers and Students?

If your school does not have a student information management system, it is the right time to get one for the whole year, to manage administrative workloads and enrollment processes.  

Out of all the hard jobs, the hardest is being a good teacher. This is because teachers play the most important role in a school’s and student’s life. They are one of the strongest pillars in helping students towards their career path.  

Teachers not only teach, apart from teaching, but they also serve a variety of other roles in school and classrooms as a whole. Some of their roles are maintaining decorums, promoting, mentoring, controlling, curriculum developing, and many more.  

The primary role is teaching, but it goes beyond that. Nowadays teaching has different faces, and a teacher is responsible to carry out the role of a mentor, parent, model, and counselor.  

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What defines a teacher? It is the ability to teach students and influence a positive attitude in them.  

In education, the role of a teacher is to share knowledge, be a good role model, external parent,etc. 

Now, the student information system has come with a wide range of benefits for teachers, some of them are they can manage class information easily, take online attendance, upload homeworks online, create timetables, interact with students and parents, etc.  

In this blog, we will discuss a teacher’s responsibility. It is not limited, because they need to perform many tasks and duties.  

Collecting assignments and verifying

Collecting assignments is a tedious task as it consumes time, and verifying them after collecting is a huge and tiresome process. 

This work of teachers is reduced with the student information system, as it is completely online.  

Taking attendance 

Teachers have to take attendance daily at the start of the day and in between each period, as this is manual it is prone to many errors and another tedious process. The online system has reduced this burden, by using an online attendance module.  

Conducting exams 

Teachers have to administer exam-related work, and enter marks manually in the register and keep them updated at the end of the session. In the end, they have to generate report cards at the same time. Online grade book generation has brought an end to this manual process.  

Interact with parents 

Teachers and parents need to communicate well, teachers have to update parents on their academic and co-curricular performance, which includes general behavior too. This is done in PTA meets or by sending a note in the student’s diary. Online PTA’s are now conducted with advanced technology.  

 Prepare timetables 

Manual timetable generation and syllabus planning in large sheets are prone to errors and a time-consuming process, but the online timetable management 

help reduce such errors.  

Creating question papers 

Creating question papers before exams is the hardest task for the teachers. They have to select questions based on the lessons, prepare answer keys, and many more to do. These tasks are reduced with the online exam module.  

 How is the Student information system beneficial to students? 

Students need not wait to receive the assignments after submission, the system automatically generates marks once the assignment is submitted. They can view their attendance and performance reports regularly, message instantly to teachers, easy access to school notices and announcements, view their daily homeworks and classworks, and instantly receive fee receipts and fee reminders. 

Student Information System is a user-friendly system, developed to reduce the manual work of schools, colleges, or other educational institutions and help teachers to have more time to deliver quality teaching to their students.  

The student Information System is a one-stop solution that allows teachers to balance their  responsibilities hassle-free without compromising the quality of education 

This system consists of different modules, such as Information, Registration, Student Information, Examination, Alumni, Service, Fees, Financial, Vendor, Operations Support, and Mobile App.  

Each module performs a specific task.  The main beauty of this system is that it brings transparency, connects all teachers, students, and parents, increases efficiency and can be assessed from anywhere, anytime. 

 Apart from these advantages, teachers get more time to train themselves to teach lectures with the current academic trends. 

Teachers have huge roles to perform in the school, classroom, society, and the world. As time passed, they were given specific curriculums on how to go about teaching, but now teachers have moved beyond teaching. The student information system has helped institutions and teachers to reduce the workload as everything has gone automated nowadays.  

Information is available faster and in an easier format, it is also more secure nowadays.  

If you are looking for a hassle-free student information system, feel free to contact us at any time and reap all benefits with just a single solution. We provide you with the best school management software in Hyderabad.  

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