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Do you want to improve your institution brand? Start it with an ERP software, it takes care of all the pre-admission process and all school activities of students and teachers like fee collection, grade books, timetables, attendance, and many more. 

If your school is implementing the ERP school software for the first time, then it can be overwhelming with many queries to handle from stakeholders like the principal, vice-principal, teachers, parents, and students. 

Once it is implemented, it must be maintained properly and taken good care of for the future needs in the upcoming years. Initially, when it is implemented it helps the institution by assisting to grow and evolve with time. 

Real-time data and the analytics of the institute can be accessed, which increases productivity and efficiency.

AINRAED is the  best campus management software in Hyderabad, it saves a lot of time in the administrative operations of the school. 

School Management System

The ERP system in the school is implemented with a centralized dashboard view where teachers can track students’ progress at any time, parents can remain informed regarding the child’s progress, and also enhances the communication between the school and parents.

This blog explains in detail how school ERP improves your institution’s brand. So without further delay, let’s get started. 

Increase the number of students

The total number of students in an institution changes every year, as there are new joiners each year joining the institution. There is a possibility of students to increase further if there are new batches coming up in the institution. All these are part of the institution’s lifecycle and with the help of a school ERP, all these changes are recorded and kept safe. The data stored in the ERP will be available for future references. 

Reduce workforce cost

ERP reduces manpower and creates excellent revenue that can be used to create quality education for students. Studies have estimated that the ERP system decreases 40% of the workforce. This automation reduces the manual processing dependency, which in turn saves money and time. 

Less paperwork

The ERP software digitizes the complete administration process. Presently, the ERP can be used in three ways. They are On-premises, Cloud, and SaaS. The major similarity in all three platforms is that they connect all departments of administration in one platform. ERP implementation saves approximately 15% of paperwork. 

New innovations/integrations

Once the ERP software is implemented, there will be some other new products and innovations being implemented in the institution.

These new products and innovations need to be integrated with the school ERP to make everything work properly. This can be done by integrating with the API of the school ERP. 

Fee collections

online fee payment

Implementing the ERP plays a major role in the institution fee collection. The structure of the fees changes each year and different students are given different privileges. This can be managed better with a school ERP. 

Effective communication

The ERP provides various portals to access information, notifications, and new updates of an institution. Students can thereby download the assignments, access the results, marks, timetables, exam notifications, pay fees and other bills. The ERP allows parents also to access the information from their own portal. 

Opening of new branches

When an institution decides to open a new branch in a new place, it is easily possible with the help of ERP software. It is easy to replicate the process from one branch to another. This happens usually in the growth phase of the institution. A fully implemented ERP is helpful in speeding up the institution and its processes. 

Increases teaching time

The ultimate goal of any educational institution is good teaching. This can be achieved with the help of ERP, which saves the time of teachers in marking attendance, managing timetables, distributing assignments, and course records. This helps teachers to explore new teaching methods and duration of teaching.  

Apart from this, there are many other challenges when growing an educational institution, which can be solved with the help of a good ERP. Have a good technical team to manage your ERP and let go of various technical issues and challenges related to backup, mobile apps, etc. 

The ERP software comes with new advantages in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and technology. Many institutions have already started to take advantage of automation. Hence, getting ERP software for an institution is a great step for any school, college, or university. Automation is the main key for any institution. Feel free to contact us any time for a demo, if you wish to experience our benefits of ERP.  

Improve your institution brand with AINRAED, it is one of the best school management software in Hyderabad. Contact Us.

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