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How Real-time exam Results Updation Helps Teachers and Reduces Stress of Students?

How Real-time exam Results Updation Helps Teachers and Reduces Stress of Students?

Are you stressed thinking of the exam results? Don’t worry!! Here comes the solution for it. The real-time exam results update system has brought great relief not only to students but also teachers and parents.  

Earlier the results used to be communicated to parents. It creates a stressful situation for students, when thinking about the exam results. This stress can lead them to practices like copying in exams and other wrong activities. In extreme situations, students indulge in activities like suicide and self-harm.  

Therefore, this result update system is a more comprehensive system that offers the students a personal learning journey, which improves their learning and helps them attend classes without any pressure. 

This has given rise to the demand for the online result system that ensures students get accurate and error-free results. 

As there are many different examinations available now, like objective examinations and subjective examinations. So, with an increase in the examinations students expect the results to be immediate, hence the real-time results in the update system are on the education sites.  This becomes the main reason for the rise in the huge demand for online schools and the Best School Applications. 

In today’s world, the result management system needs to incorporate details of each student’s progress in various parameters. These parameters include discipline, behavior, habits, learning skills, and other extracurricular skills.  

The real-time results in the education center can give access to all the stakeholders. The real-time results make use of the programs according to the needs, and teachers and students can make sure of the timely closure. This is the reason real-time results are important.  

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The online exam software has a real-time result updation system in it, in which students can use the program as their needs with the help of real-time results. Teachers can make sure of the timely closure of the program, and they can use the data of a student to confirm whether they are teaching correctly. There is also an option to customize the instructions based on student learning needs and patterns. 

The incursion of the real time exam result updation system has brought relief to everyone including parents, teachers, students, and the school administration. The software features a real time result update which gives an expansion of the end-product information.  

The online examination software or the real time exam result updation system is helpful for teachers and students. The technological advancement today supports far-reaching acknowledgement that the assessments are lacking and the assessment can change and develop new results through adaptive administration. While institutions have long collected monitoring data, the education board focuses on the ongoing tracking of program results for beneficiaries to program inputs, and outputs along the way. 

 Why are digital assessments better than paper assessments? 

 There are quite many reasons to use the modern educational technologies for assessments of students, because they save time, make the learning process more simple and friendly, and give fast feedback. In an online assessment system students can check the assignments before submitting it, this thereby saves teachers time for final grading. And also no more bulks of papers on teachers table and no more need of taking all assignments home. 

Here are some advantages of the online evaluation system: 

At this peak time of evaluating answer scripts is more challenging, they access a student’s knowledge in different subjects and the basic to advanced learning levels. The system helps to: 

  • Reduce high costs, time taken and efforts to evaluate the answer scripts manually 
  • Scan and encrypt copies of answer sheets for quick and safe sharing 
  • Centralize and streamline exam administering 
  • Keep tracks of every student’s ranks and results 
  • Check the results of each student and map their performance over time.  
  • Auto grade features to reduce manual errors.  

The ontime evaluation of answer scripts cuts down the waiting time for students and teachers and provides instant results to students. With this automatic mechanism a student can analyze their academic performance, strengths and weaknesses individually. The results can be analyzed to identify low areas of performance, so that teachers can focus more on those learning gaps. The accurate reports help to create learning programs for these students, which leads to a better learning outcome and increments the confidence of the students.  

Advantages of real-time result updation 

 Error Free Results 

The major disadvantage of the traditional result system is that it is prone to errors and miscalculations and there is a chance of missing or damaging one or two exam papers due to environmental situations. For teachers, it is a tiresome process to correct exam papers, calculate marks, convert them to grades and keep them safe until PTA meets.  


Faster results 

The traditional paper-based result system takes time as the teachers need to collate the results, manually calculate it, input it into the system and wait until the report cards are then printed. This may take weeks to complete the process, by the time students forget what content they wrote in the exams. But online, the results are calculated instantly without errors.  

Bias-free mark checking 

As there is no human intervention in the online result system, the system ensures that there are no errors in students’ results that affect their marks and attitude of the student.  

Motivates students and gives them an accurate indication of their performance 

Instant results help to reduce the stress of the students in the waiting time. The faster results help them realize their mistakes and make them relearn the concepts and concentrate more on that particular topic.

Analytical reports are generated and given to parents and teachers to understand each student on their strengths and weaknesses.  

Disadvantages of real-time result updation 

Open Questions Cannot Be Graded 

The major disadvantage in this system is that open text questions that need to be answered in a few sentences or paragraphs cannot be graded by the system automatically. It needs to be read by the teacher and marked according to that. This is ineffective in an online result management system.

Minor technical defects 

All technical systems have one or two minor defects that affect the system at some point in time. It may be due to server problems or lack of proper internet connection. Hence when using an online result system, you need to ensure that the system is not affected by these defects.  

Real time result system is important, because it gives access to all stakeholders, facilitates the use of the programs according to the needs, and teachers and students .  

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This blog has shed some light on the real-time result updation system, its advantages, and of course some of its disadvantages. With technology advancements, schools can shift to the online result management system which helps schools to ease out the generation of results. If you are more interested in learning about real-time result systems and our smart school management software contact us now!! We are ready to help you!! 

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