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AINRAED is a one-stop-solution provider for various kinds of educational institutions across the globe irrespective of their size and curriculum structure. Our system offers a cloud-based ERP system to simplify most of the manual and tedious operations normally performed in an educational organization. 

AINRAED is a modern campus management software which is equally applicable to any school or college, founded by a team of dedicated and thoughtful domain experts. With AINRAED, teachers, students, and administration can spend their time where it matters the most – Teaching & Learning. 


Admission Management

The student admission management software makes it up to perfection, rather than manually managing the admission process leading to huge errors.

Time Table & Attendance Management

AINRAED student attendance management system, teachers can save their time and record accurately without much effort in just a single click.

Hostel Management

AINRAEd hostel management system provides a practical approach to assign hostels and rooms to students.

Fee Management

Get your money on time with online fee collection, with simple but detailed collection reports etc.


Manage payroll and employee details and attendance of staffs The most difficult function of every school or college is handling the HR department.

Transport Management

No more worries about where the school bus is, with just a tap you can track the bus location, status.

Cloud - Based

AINRAED is a cloud-based software, only a computer or a Mobile and a good internet connection is all that is required. The only campus management software that can be accessed from anywhere. And by the way, storage space is truly unlimited.

Multiple user interfaces

AINRAED software can be easily switched between iconic and dashlet views depending on the user preference.


You can trust AINRAED, as you will never have any data security problems. We protect your data from unauthorized users and various other malignant attacks.

Easy to use

Designed for admins, teachers and parents. It is easy to use by anyone and no special expertise is needed to complete a task.


AINRAED supports many languages, for users of any region to use it easily. We have made an interface that makes it easy to translate sentences.


We have engineered AINRAED school software that can be customized according to the needs of your institution.

Your Questions, Our answers..!

AINRAED is an all-in-one multi use student and academic management system that simplifies the daily tasks of your institutions, makes them error-free and provides accurate reports and better tracking so you can make exceptional decisions and widen the capacity of your institution. If you are looking for best campus management software out of the box your perfect choice would be AINRAED. Customisation is a breeze as it is done on the fly without the need of any technical support and is one of our unique and the biggest selling point compared to a lot of similar softwares in the market.

Campus management software is a platform that helps in automating and streamlining the institute’s daily academic and administrative activities in the most effective manner. At its core, school management software holds all institute data in one place and helps stakeholders in making a better decision.

School Software helps in improving the productivity of their institution by managing online admission, student attendance, online fee payment, timetable, parent communication, examination management, payroll, and online learning. The school ERP platform also offers many other 50+ features that help institutes in handling every operation smoothly and efficiently.

With Campus Management Software, institutes can avoid manual handling operations, eliminate the paperwork, reduce the possibility of errors in the process and minimize monotonous tasks of all departments. By embracing the right academic management system software the workload of employees can be reduced and various tasks can be completed without consuming too much time & effort.

Benefits of having an E-learning module in school management system are –
  • Institutes can deliver a better learning experience to students beyond classroom boundaries.Teachers can create media-rich customised courses and resolve students doubts in real-time.                                   
  •  Students can download the study material and watch the recorded lectures at the comfort of their home.
  • Learn more about online learning module in our ERP 

Campus Management Software ERP Platform is generally used by students, teachers, parents, admin and other staff members in the institution. It reduces the burden of repetitive tasks of employees, simplifies communication among all stakeholders and allows stakeholders to access up-to-date information from anywhere at any time on any device.

There are multiple ERP platforms available in the market and the costing of each platform depends on features and plugins selected by the institution – like SMS, Mobile App, Biometric, Vehicle Tracking System, Payment Gateway, Video conferencing integration, E-learning platform and more.

AINRAED is the most affordable platform and offers plans for all type of institutes .

Here are some key points that you should consider when selecting any campus management software for your institution:
    • Assess the need of your institution: Analyse your institution’s requirements and assess how it can help you in achieving your business goal.
    • Easy to Use: Make sure that platform has easy to use functionality, quick to master, without the need for hours of training or troubleshooting
  • End User Training: To ensure that stakeholders actually use the ERP software it is crucial to provide extensive training to all staff members.

The key features of Campus Management software:

Students Admission – Streamline students admission process, reduce paperwork by storing student’s and parent’s records in a digital format, monitor admission enquiries and track applicant status from a single platform.

Student Attendance – Automate students attendance tracking, track latecomers and leave requests just in a few clicks. With Biometric device integration, monitor students movement in real time within school premises.

Online Fees Management – Completely digitize students fees collection process by integrating it with payment gateway, track fee defaulters and instant alerts to parents regarding pending fees.

Examination Management – Conduct online examination, automate students grade calculation, generate various types of reports, share results with students and parents in real-time and much more.

HR and Payroll Management – With the school HR management system, institutes can organise and store all employees details in one place. Easily manage employees’ leave, payroll generation, payslip generation and more.

Apart from these key features, the institute management system comes with 50+ other features which helps in managing every aspect of the institution.

AINRAED is the world’s most trusted, affordable & easily customisable campus management system or student academic management software.

To increase the functionality & capability of AINRAED, it easily integrates with various ranges of software. Create an account for free today and see for yourself how AINRAED can reduce the workload of your employees and boost the overall productivity of your institution.

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