Best school Management Software

Here are some of our features to show why you need AINRAED Education Management Software!

No external components or software need to be installed. AINRAED is cloud-based and you can use it in your favorite browser. 

Multiple user interfaces

You can switch between views of your own preference 

Tally integration

Just add thousands of receipt vouchers in just a few clicks with our AINRAED tally integrations, this saves your time and increases accuracy. 

Multi-school solution

Manage a group of institutions from just a single platform with a 360 degree view on the daily activities from our dashboard. 

Effective communication

Effective communication is important and we understand that better. Our AINRAED notification system helps you achieve that in all angles. 

Online payments

Our AINRAED online payment gateway is integrated, parents can pay the fees easily on the go even from their smartphones. 

24/7 support

Our AINRAED team is there to support you 24/7 with any problem you face, we answer every question about our AINRAED software.

Assignments and homeworks

This helps parents and teachers to have an eye on the student and monitor the syllabus that is taught on a daily basis.

Data security

We have your crucial data safe, so you no need to worry about it. You can trust AINRAED as we protect your data.

Attendance management

Mark absentees with the attendance system. You can also view and edit attendance using PC or smartphones.

Multi-lingual support

We offer you support which helps you in translating language to the one you want.

Custom reports

Customize your reports the way you wish with our custom report plugin.

Empower teachers

AINRAED helps teachers by providing them with student analytics about performances, behavior, attendance, etc.

AINRAED mobile app

Use our AINRAED mobile app to easily access our booming features from anywhere, any place, at any time.

Manage batches and courses

With AINRAED you can easily manage a number of courses and batches with one same installation.

User Friendly

It’s easy to work on AINRAED School software on your first login without any instructions.  You need just the basic knowledge of working on a computer.

Customer-Centric approach

AINRAED is a product that is constantly being updated based on the data-driven by customers and their valuable feedbacks.

Payroll system

Now manage the payrolls of all your employees easily using the payroll features available in AINRAED

Easy customization

If our software does not match your requirements appropriately, you can customize it accordingly with our enterprise solution.


Manage new admissions and customize admission forms and assign them to batches using the student registration feature.

Data privacy

You no need to worry about your data privacy, data is fully encrypted when storing data in AINRAED. 


One can generate circulars and send messages (SMS) instantly. Messages are delivered through our notification system with SMS in real-time. 

Eco Friendly

Using AINRAED makes your institute eco-friendly, all data reports are stored on the cloud, and the use of paper and files are necessary only when it is necessary.


Students can view their daily timetable with classes and timings. Students do not forget to bring books and this reduces their re-work. 


Events can be created and students can view them in the dashboard at a single glance. Go paperless forever.

Graphical reports

Through graphical reports you can get a clear analysis of the student performance, also other reports like examination and fee reports are available.


AINRAED allows students and parents to log in using their individual login credentials, and access the dashboard anywhere at any time. 


Build your applications that communicate with AINRAED at your institution and extend the possibilities of AINRAED

Economical pricing

AINRAED offers a low-cost pricing. Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions of any size can easily afford our AINRAED solutions.

Custom URL

You have the option to set your own custom URL for the AINRAED installation

Third party plugins

You can get the support of other developers for AINRAED plugin building. Anything is possible in AINRAED with the help of third party plugins.

Privileges control

AINRAED’s user management functions allow you to assign different privileges to different users. like employees, teachers and managers

Examination evaluation method

AINRAED supports evaluation methods like CWA, ICSE according to the international standards. 


AINRAED has in-built color themes


You can add different functionalities to the AINRAED school information system using the various plugins available.

Instant alerts and announcements

You can receive alerts, fee reminders and other institution announcements instantly

File attachments

Files of all formats can be attached easily. 

Use AINRAED in just a few minutes

No external knowledge or coding is required to use AINRAED.

New features

Each month we update you with our new features and innovations.

Wide range of features

AINRAED offers a wide range of features in the market. It is widely used and enhanced. 

Customizable admission forms

Customizable admission form to upload the employee details.

Campus updates

With AINRAED mobile app, regular and daily campus updates are shown to users those who have logged in

Styling and attachments

Style up your school announcements with rich colors or provide additional information to students, teachers, and parents through pdfs and documents that can be downloaded.  


Manage hostels, room allocations, in one place

Unmatched support

Our support system helps import existing students and past students records, etc.

Subject-wise attendance

This allows the teacher of a particular subject to record attendance at a particular class. 

Free demo

You can try our free demo before purchasing to find out if AINRAED fits your organization needs.


Manage vehicle, routes, and vehicle maintenance information.

Student information

Track student’s attendance, homework, grades, discipline and other achievements.

Teacher information

Easy to view particular teacher information, records, subjects, etc.

Parent access

Being a part of your child’s school activities, stay connected with their academic performance. 

Grade books

This represents a students hard work all through the academic year

Exam management

Helps teachers in conducting exams more easily and effortlessly. Upload exam question papers and questions easily.


Set reminders for important events such as fees and examinations. 

Online exams

Test your student’s learning using AINRAED. Schedule and conduct online exams.

Fee receipts

Generate clear fee receipts that you can print or email to the parents in various paper sizes immediately after the payment of fees.

Cutting-edge features

Rich-featured modules for smooth school operations

Inventory management

Manage your school’s inventory easily with our AINRAED ERP system


Using the blogs module of AINRAED, you will be able to things more about the school management system


Manage fees, donations, financial reports, and tally exports with our AINRAED school ERP. 


AINRAED comes with a discussion module, a forum to interact with students and teachers. 

Certificate generation

You can manage bulk certificates and individual certificates easily with our AINRAED system. 

ID cards

Generate bulk and individual ID cards easily with ID card templates.

Send SMS

Send SMS, emails, and automatic alerts to parents on their mobiles.

Smart attendance feature

AINRAED allows integration with systems such as biometric devices, swipe cards, etc.

Password management

You can recover your password, in case of a lost password and change your password at any time for security purposes. 

Guardian details

Entire guardian and parents’ details are available instantly, you can access them in case of emergency. 

Video tutorials

Exclusionary video tutorials are there to teach how to use AINRAED. 

Do big things

AINRAED provides you a rich management plugin for teachers to stay beneficial.

Well planned guideline

AINRAED has over 20+ modules that are suitable for all educational institutions.

Role-based access

Access is defined for highly crude controls to ensure accountability

Authorization management

An enclosed platform to boost performance for a group of schools and colleges. 

Stable support

Best customer support and relationship

Action search

Action search of AINRAED allows users to get access to other features in AINRAED using the search menu.


You can add remarks to a student, and view them


View images of school events, videos of events, festivals, and other special occasions. 


A list of additional fonts are supported in AINRAED.

Employee login

Teaching, non-teaching staff, and other employees have separate login in AINRAED. 

No unwanted features

All features of AIRAED are valuable and there are no dummy functionalities. 

Examination result management

It has become hassle-free as teachers can enter the marks of students directly. 

No additional fees

No extra charges and no additional pricing for upgrades.

Download and on-demand are available

You can choose AINRAED to host in your system or on the server directly. 

storage space

You no need to delete anything concerning space, as you have enough and more storage space.


AINRAED is improving to meet the new demands of school. 


Parent’s collaboration

Parent’s can discuss the child’s performance with the teacher and have a track on their child’s academic progress.

Ruby on Rails expertise

Our Ruby on Rails developers are professionals. They are here to help you with customizing and fine tuning AINRAED. 

Azure Login

With the Azure sign on you can log into AINRAED using Microsoft Account Credentials and no need to worry about remembering a new password.

In-house messaging system

AINRAED comes with an internal messaging system, which you can use for communications internally, even if you don’t have an email service or messaging service.

Mobile learning

Online learning platform built inside AINRAED ERP

Video conference integration

AINRAED can be integrated with any video conferencing application or software

Group examinations

In AINRAED, you have the option to group exams to make it a one last final exam.


AINRAED is the perfect solution for managing a large batch of organizations.


100+ new schools each day


Google login

You can set up google logins in AINRAED and no worries about creating new ids for students, teachers or administrators.

Trusted ERP solution

AINRAED is trusted by many schools globally.

Library management

Manage books, book due fines, etc in one single module that comes with AINRAED. 

Printer friendly

With AINRAED, you can print using any kind of printers such as Dot matrix, laser or inkjet.



AINRAED manages your school, so you can concentrate on the development part of the school. 

Form builder

Create innovative feedback forms to get valuable feedback from users, employees, and students.