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Digital Revolution in Online Examination Module

Digital Revolution in Online Examination Module

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic covid-19 students were forced to adapt to online examination modules, but now many students prefer the online platforms because of the availability of automated online examination modules. The module covers all the tasks related to the management of examination starting from exam registration forms through the exam execution to marking schemes, results, the printing of mark sheets, report cards, and many more. 

Earlier, the examination season was very scary not only for students but also for teachers, parents, and staff of the school/college. The process was dependent on the school admins, exam admins, teachers, and the exam center.  

The online examination module helps you to create online exam schedules which protect you from chaos. 

Maintain smooth functioning of the exam using the best campus management software in Hyderabad – AINRAEd. 

You can build online exams for separate classes and subjects with huge ease to create a wealthy learning experience for your students. 

Online exams are a new way of learning for students and the online examination module is the perfect tool that you will need to set up exams with different difficulty levels. This system helps teachers and schools to conduct exams that are efficient in their knowledge delivery.  

As the module is connected to a student database, it can help staff in generating all the forms that are necessary and forms that the school needs from the student.  

Features of online examination modules: 

  • Students can schedule the tests and exams through class-wise scheduling, through this they will not miss any tests and exams. 
  • Parents can keep track of their ward’s exams and tests and get notified easily. 
  • Timer provided for the entire exam or timer for separate questions. 
  • Captures a photo of the student when writing the exam. 
  • Students get an automatic alarm before any scheduled test. 
  • It works on all browsers and devices like laptops, computers, mobiles, and tablets.  
  • Mark sheets can be printed in the formats of CBSE and the state board. 
  • Teachers and school administrators have options to upload marks 
  • Random Question selection from the variety of questions as per the predefined pattern 
  • The exam software allows schools to track reports, documents, and other materials with students. 

Here is a list of tests that can be conducted through the exam module: 

Academic tests 

The education success depends on how you evaluate your students through numerous new ways of assessments and tests.  

Online exams can provide you the flexibility to define exam patterns and conduct exams with ease. The main focus should be on the practical part of the application.  

Scholarship test 

This test helps the student identify whether he/she is eligible for any scholarships that are provided by the school management.  

If students are located in one or many locations, then managing a scholarship at multiple centers will include the cost of invigilation and logistics.  

Admission tests 

The admission test is the entry-level criteria for evaluating eligibility for the student in the admission process. Nowadays, students can write tests from the comfort of their homes or any safe location, with an invigilator monitoring the student. Other facilities include a good network, live video, and a secure browser.  

Objective tests 

Objective tests based on multiple-choice questions with options can be conducted. You can define the subject, topic, question bank with the difficulty level of the questions. 

Here are some unique benefits of the online examination module: 

Saves processing time 


With the integration of the student module staff can generate student data, save it and use it in examinations when required.  

Later, it will be used in results calculation and converted to grades if required. This thereby saves time.  

Generates all reports 

Examinations don’t just end with the announcement of results, schools need to maintain result records, assessment reports, credit-based reports, and other reports. The administration has to keep a record of exam papers for future reference for teachers and students. 

All these reports can be maintained on a web server through the exam module which you can download and use later.  


The online exam module helps reduce the possibility of errors through computer-based calculations. Teachers can avoid wasting time in re-work and re-calculations.  

Reduces examination management costs 

All reports, certifications, question papers can be saved on the cloud database, that only the authorized user can access at any time. This not only saves stationary cost but also saves the place of storage for reports and other data.  

Finally, the main objective of the online examination module is to take the paradigm shift from offline to online processes. As the education industry grows, factors like convenience, scalability and enhanced communication are shaping its enactment. If you are busy looking for the best smart school management software in Hyderabad, then we are here to help you. Contact us now!! 

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