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Building parent teacher relationships with AINRAEd

Building parent teacher relationships with AINRAEd

Building parent-teacher relationships is important to establish an effective communication channel through which parents and teachers can identify their areas of common interest and develop a mutual understanding between them. In this way, parents and teachers can form a rich foundation in a student’s education.  

It is important that you have a strong relationship with your child’s teacher is a crucial factor in how well the child gets along at school and at home.  

Many children have adults in their daily lives who are their family members(caregivers) and teachers. These are the people with whom they spend the majority of time making important decisions and guiding them in the right direction.  

AINRAEd is one of the best campus management software in Hyderabad, it helps you boost your parent-teacher relationships.  

Indeed, a parent-teacher relationship is a necessity in enhancing the academic performance and achievement of students. Parents have a healthy relationship with the particular subject teachers and get involved in their child’s activities.  

Parents benefit a lot in taking part in the children’s education by getting ideas from the school on how to support the children and also learning about the school’s academic programs.  

Earlier, school diaries were the only source of communication between parents and teachers. It was through the handwritten announcements parents know about the happenings at school. With our AINRAEd mobile app parents, teachers, and the entire school community can stay connected. 

Many parents like to get involved in school activities, but they couldn’t do it due to heavy work and hectic schedules.  

With our AINRAEd mobile app, they no longer need to come long ways to meet teachers. Online software helps the teachers and parents to engage in a very good relationship.  

Our system provides a complete solution to your problems and can generate circulars and send messages instantly with multilingual options which makes communication a more effective way. 

 Excellent communication between parents and teachers through: 

  • SMS 
  • Announcements 
  • Instant alerts 

Good two-way communication between families and schools is necessary for your student’s success.  Research shows that the more parents and teachers share information with each other about a student, the better equipped both will help students achieve success. 

Good and positive connections between teachers and parents help to improve the children’s achievement, social competencies, and well-being. When parents and teachers work together, it helps children to do better in school and even at home.


The most effective communication can be through conferences, home visits, personal contact, telephone calls, and open houses.  

The diversity among families means that we cannot fully depend on a single communication method that will reach homes with a given message.  

It is necessary that many strategies need to be adapted to particular families and their schedules. Some of the strategies include local newspapers, annual school calendars, newsletters, and workshops that are conducted for parents.  

Some benefits of a strong parent-school relationship 

Every parent knows about their child well. In the same way, a child’s teacher also wants to know about your child too.  

When you have a good relationship with your child’s teacher and school, you are in a good position to give them the information that helps your child to get the best out of their education. 

The parent and teacher can work together to support the child’s learning and also wellbeing. When working together you can achieve benefits like positive school results, positive attitude towards school. good relationship skills, and regular attendance information.

Make an effort to learn about your child’s teacher and value the individuality of this very significant person in your child’s life. This goes a long way in building a parent and teacher relationship that will benefit your child truly.  

It may be any relationship, it is good to understand what each person expects. It is suggested that it is early to understand as a teacher expects from you as a parent. This allows you to establish rules of engagement with the teacher and discuss some other things that you need to do as a parent.  

Our AINRAEd mobile application consists of features like timetable management, login management, customized app pages, leave management, alerts, notifications, announcements, online fees management, and many more.  


All these features of the AINRAEd app help in parent involvement in school activities which includes the child’s academic progress, non-curricular performances, and gives valuable feedback.  

Finally, this blog tells you that even if you are less involved with your child’s school and teachers, hereafter you can take steps to create a good relationship 

with your child’s teacher. AINRAEd – the best school management software in Hyderabad, helps you in building a strong parent-teacher relationship, contact us now to know more about us.  

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