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Administration management software to revolutionize the admission process in India

Administration management software to revolutionize the admission process in India

Each decade brings in new changes in technology and innovations, it changes the way institutions work. It is not just the corporate world, but even the schools take steps to automate the process using the administration management software 

One of the biggest advantages of digitizing the application process is the applicants can submit the applications at their convenience and stay up to date with its status online. It is more efficient, reliable and minimizes the chances of errors.  

It would be very easy with a handy admission procedure that simplifies and reduces the work of all. 

Great teachers, administrators, and parents are the factors that matter the most in a school. Also, remember that great students make great schools because of the fact schools are ranked based on students’ performance.  

Make admissions easy with one of the best campus management software in Hyderabad – AINRAEd.  

In any institute, it matters, if there is an exceptional admission procedure then it would be a fully satisfied institute among students and also improves the brand of the institute.  

It is said that India has seen a growth of 50% internet penetration in 2020 and encouraging widespread digital adoption. Educational institutions will also be at a major advantage due to having fast access to student records and well-organized systems. 

Here are some ways to improve the admission process of your institution: 

Provide offline and online support – Consider the example of a student stuck in between when filling an online application form, there is no one to help, which creates frustration among the student. When there are multiple queries and no person to handle those queries. 

Lack of enthusiasm to help students leads to failure in the system.  

Be aware of online admission forms – Now, many educational institutes lack the knowledge of using online admission and are not aware of how to use it efficiently. At times when they are helpless, it creates a negative impact on the technology and simplifies the process. When staff lacks the knowledge of using the Administration management software proper training must be provided to them.  

Make submissions easy – It is necessary to have an easy submission process to attract students and parents. Instead of using google forms, you can display your own 

registration form on the opening page, which makes the submission process easier, and improves brand and image in a great way. 


Support through multiple channels – There are many mediums to provide online support.  

Email support is similar to a CRM system. It must be well-established, so queries are solved via mails. Similar to email phones using a toll-free number must be provided. During form submission, the support person must be able to resolve queries using live chat. 

It reduces errors and can solve queries instantly.  

Start assigning classes – On completion of the admission and profiles created, assign classes that are easily accessible by teachers. At the beginning of each academic year, a plan must be put up to start with.  

Respond immediately to applicants – All applicants expect fast responses as each has some work to carry on afterward.  

Modify the process and respond quickly to submissions so you can keep parents and students engaged. Because of late responses, many institutes lose students.  

Parents and students will earn the highest comfort from a school that simplifies their relationships with teachers, school administrators, and the academic community. They choose the one that provides maximum benefits, easy to access, safe and secure.  

Above all, a school needs to understand the admission process and overlook it, so they do not depend on other outdated admission models. 

Your school must possess the following qualities such as personalization, efficiency, and transparency.   

 You can use tools to create your digital presence. Some of them are: 

 Facebook page – Sharing articles, small snippets, and daily routines on your Facebook page is a trend. 

Images and videos uploaded can be shared with friends and relations. Create a Facebook page for your school and update your regular events.  


Writing blogs on relevant and trending topics can help parents. Blogs can be on parenting styles, learning tips, and other blogs related to education and technology.  


Another trend is Instagram. Schools can have an Instagram account followed by parents and students and update it regularly by the school management.  

Reviews on Google:  

Parents give feedback and send emails appreciating the school management. It is a good idea to introduce ‘google reviews’ as a platform to express their personal views about the school.  

Still, confused with how to go about the admission process like a pro? End your worries here!! 


If you are looking for the best school management software in Hyderabad, yeah, we are here, AINRAEd provides you with all features that your school requires. Call us immediately for a free demo!! 

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