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Academic Management System- You Can Easily Create Your Student Academic Report

Academic Management System- You Can Easily Create Your Student Academic Report

Now to manage the school activities, there are several options like the school ERP, school management applications, and academic management system. Each school has a unique set of features, the academic management system is tuned to cater the needs of the staff, teachers, students and other school faculties.  

The system helps in online fee collection, e-learning, faculty management, student management, course management, etc. It has some work for everyone,  

from administrators, faculty members, students, to the security in-charge of the school.  

Generally managing a student’s academic journey, starting from admission to graduation involves numerous demanding tasks. Accordingly you need to plan the curriculum and stick to a list of the other core tasks of your school. 

The academic management system aids documentation and demonstration of each school’s academic events and support towards achieving the academic goals of the institution as a whole.  

AINRAEd’s student academic management system can automate your school execution process and make it easier and paper-free. You can prefer it as it is dynamic, user-friendly, and cost-effective.  

Ensuring a steady workflow for handling the complex tasks of your school is not enough to support the academic objectives of the school. Therefore opting for an academic management system will be a much wiser decision, that adds value to your school. The system is developed with recent technologies like .Net and SQL ensuring its far and wide accessibility.  

Consider the things you have to do for the day and deal with it, it can be a set of recurring tasks or anything, it just needs time to be executed perfectly without any problems.  

Some of the major administrator tasks to deal with are the admission process, documenting student’s records, planning syllabus, enrolling courses, maintaining records, and tracking the student’s performance. These are just a small set, but the actual set consists of tasks and some priorities that need to be taken care of.  

Helps maintain an existing workforce 

A perfect academic management system helps the workforce with some automation tools, the institution will not hire new employees during the examination and admission time. Automated data entry, admission documentation, fee payments, digital examinations, reduce the need for additional manual human resources. It reduces the burdens faced by schools and teachers.  

AINRAEd – the best campus management software in Hyderabad, helps you in creating report cards for students easily and in managing other activities of the school.  

Monitor many locations  

The administration of the school can track attendance for classes, monitor working hours of faculties and guest lecturers check student performance. 

The admin can check the overall position of each branch locality.  


As it automates various school procedures, it reduces human errors. The program works according to the rules defined by the school administration.  

 Improves teaching techniques 

Now the severe covid-19 pandemic has forced every student to attend classes online, most schools are not ready with digital study materials, and teachers were not trained to conduct online classes. The academic management system helps teachers in course planning and organizing classes online.  

Automated attendance 

The academic management system helps schools by integrating the RFID cards and biometric systems. The manual register based attendance is outdated. This automated attendance feature helps teachers and administrators with more time to focus on other crucial school activities. 


  • The academic management system helps train end-to-end activities and other deliverables.  
  • The admin portal facilitates student-teacher collaboration, increases transparency, saves natural resources, and reduce the cost of communication 


  • The academic management maintains daily assignments, notes, certificates, generates ID cards, manages courses, classes, and syllabus. 
  • The academic management system is designed by considering the practices the educational institutions follow. The features can be accessed from any location using many types of devices.  
  • There is a portal dedicated completely for parents, they can track attendance, classroom behavior remarks, and school bus locations as well.  
  • There is a portal dedicated completely for faculties, this helps tutors to check tasks assigned, daily works, parents’ inquiries. For exams, teachers can select questions, file reports, and share study materials online.  
  • The business reports section can help generate various reports in just a few simple clicks.  
  • The administration portal helps the admin and the school members in all aspects of the ERP software and enhances the education system.  

 Digital report cards 

With the academic management system, you can produce report cards, transcripts customized with the logo or watermarks of your school. The module can be tailored easily to fit the needs of your school. The digital report card format is designed mainly based on school requirements and can be generated through the system in just a few seconds. They are published on the parent portal with a download option.  

Start to manage your academic activities with AINRAEd – the best school management software in Hyderabad.  


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