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8 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education
Is Changing The Industry

8 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education Is Changing The Industry

The academic world is becoming more convenient for students in introducing recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the education industry. Artificial Intelligence technology has an impact on our daily lives. On the other hand, the education institutes handle a lot of data. With technology advancements, new teaching methods have evolved that produce better results. The recent advancements in AI are impacting the education sector. It is estimated that AI in education industry will grow by 47% by 2021.

The impact of the technology will be anywhere, from kindergarten to higher studies, that offers them opportunities to create more advanced learning features for the students.

The future of AI in education means customizability, innovation, and accessibility. Hence every shareholder in the education industry needs to understand the importance of AI.

Now let’s discuss the ways how AI in education is changing the industry:
Easy task automation : AI helps in automating tasks in the education sector. Combining AI with the classroom helps teachers to save time and increase efficiency. In the future, AI systems can access answers. AI helps the school administration in reducing paperwork and automatic classification.
Virtual learning environment AI digitizes the process of learning by providing access to learning resources. Schools create virtual classrooms that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It makes students learn things easily from the comfort of their homes. It helps in saving costs.
Adding smart content: Smart content is a trending topic. Robots create digital content similar to humans, and this technology reached the classrooms in schools.
Now digital textbooks and online materials are available to students of all ages and standards for learning purposes.
By creating content, AI gives teachers more time to focus on students.
As smart systems started to provide quality education, they are preferred by a big population. Teachers now offer classes through videos and online lectures, and textbooks are in digital format to engage students in learning.
Tests and assessments are important in any learning process, and schools must access them online.
AI is used by teachers to administer the tests. It helps in preventing errors and malpractices that happen during the exams.
Splitting students into groups of similar categories and assigning them tasks can help them gain knowledge and enhance collaborative learning. This learning helps students to improve their skills and personalities better.
Tutors present information innovatively in the form of flashcards and smart guides, which help students in their difficulties. The system will be a full-fledged digital processor very soon, that helps students to adapt to various new learning styles.
Earlier schools used ID cards to identify and keep a record of students, then came facial recognition into existence replacing ID cards. Schools conduct facial scans for students to reduce the need for ID cards. It provides good security in institutions and prevents terrorism that happens in schools.

Final words

The AI technology will improve the way lectures run their classes and it will save billions

of administrative costs for institutes and reducing costs that paves way for staff to operate smoothly.

AI is becoming helpful in the education sector. It changed the role of teachers and institutions. Students also benefit from the increased use of AI in learning.

With AI it is easy to access the learning resources and personalize learning experiences.

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